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Diana Goss, the founder of European Fashion School, is a leading style coach with a 400k+ followers on Instagram and Youtube. With a remarkable career spanning over two decades in the fashion industry, Diana's expertise is grounded in her education from prestigious institutions such as the London College of Fashion and Conde Nast College.In addition to her remarkable professional journey, Diana is a proud mother of three boys, juggling the demands of family life with her passion for fashion.Diana's mission is to empower women by sharing her wealth of knowledge and 20 years of experience in the fashion world and help them grow both inside and out. 

With more than 12 years of experience as a professional stylist in the fashion industry, Ellena brings a wealth of expertise to our team. Her keen eye for style and her remarkable ability to create stunning looks have earned her a dedicated following of over 1 million fashion enthusiasts on Youtube and Instagram.

Ellena is deeply passionate about colours, and she inspires our students to integrate a vibrant palette into their wardrobe while looking absolutely gorgeous. Known as the "Queen of Mixing Colours," Ellena's colourful outfits serve as mood boards on Pinterest and serve as inspirations in fashion schools worldwide. Her vibrant approach to fashion is a true asset to the Style Club team.

Natalia has gained extensive experience in global corporations over 20 years, working in various roles including management, business development, strategy, marketing, and sales. 

With a degree in marketing and management, Natalia is able to effectively oversee and manage all processes at the European Fashion School. She is responsible for managing products, promotions, and employees, ensuring quality and customer satisfaction while developing effective marketing strategies. 

Meet Tanya Krem, the heart and soul of European Fashion School's technical and customer support. As our beloved administrator, Tanya is a multi-talented expert who ensures that everything runs smoothly behind the scenes.Tanya's dedication to providing top-notch support to our members is truly commendable. She goes above and beyond to assist our community, making sure that every question is answered and every issue is resolved promptly. Her multi-faceted expertise and warm personality make her an invaluable part of our team.
With an impressive 25-year career in fashion design, Tatiana brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to our team.Tatiana is a graduate of the prestigious Istituto di Moda, Burgo in Italy, with a degree in Image Making. Her deep understanding of fashion and style is grounded in years of practical experience and education.As the Methodologist and Head of Stylists, Tatiana plays a crucial role in guiding our team of stylists and ensuring that our members receive top-notch fashion advice and guidance. Her expertise is invaluable in helping our community of fashion enthusiasts unlock their full style potential.
With over three years of experience in project management, Valeria plays a pivotal role in ensuring the smooth and efficient operation of our projects. She holds a degree in economics and finance, which equips her with the analytical skills and financial acumen needed to manage our operations effectively. Her ability to handle complex tasks with ease are valuable assets that help us deliver quality services to our members and clients. Valeria's expertise in operations management ensures that our programs and events run seamlessly, allowing us to provide the best possible experience to our community.