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"Capsule Wardrobe"


From Boring And Outdated To Confident And Classy In 28 Days!
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 Look at what you can achieve:

Monica Nordquist

Looking back at how I used to dress, I am horrified! What a change I actually feel I look incredibly strong, with a beautiful femininity blended in. I have embraced my waist, hips and backside with joy and the judgemental attitude I have had towards myself for 45 years is all but gone! The Challenge is a wonderful safe space to try new ideas and get honest, encouraging feedback from a great group of ladies. I couldn't recommend it more!

Cristina Pitel

I am an ex-office ‚Äúplancton‚ÄĚ, now on maternity leave. I almost changed my whole wardrobe and I am very happy with that! My closet was full of outdated stuff like business suits, pencil skirts, blouses, heeled shoes all very ugly to me now. Attending the Challenge, I wanted the most to start building my first capsule wardrobe, and after I received my orders and started to put things together, it was like miracle! The recommendations from the club changed my mind for the searchings and acquisition of new stuff, and I am very happy!

Olha Mikula

The Challenge helped me a lot in creating an individual style.  It gives me inspiration to choose my looks every day.  I understood what a basic wardrobe is, what clothes suit me,  and how to mix different styles like sporty and classic. Now, I have a clear understanding of what's in my wardrobe and how to create stylish and coordinated outfits.

Carla Crowe

This style journey has been incredibly helpful. I have done other style courses in the past but nothing has inspired and helped me like this one. I have a better understanding of what styles suit me. I discovered ideas that I would never have thought of. I have a natural tendency to overdo my outfit with too much something (colour, accessories, etc) so trying to dress more simply. I feel so much more confident now and can get dressed so much faster.  The difficult is now there are too many choices of awesome outfits.
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90% of the women make these mistakes:

Spontaneous shopping = closet full of random clothes = nothing to wear
10 jeans + 2 turtlenecks = you always look the same
No basic staples = minimum wear of your wardrobe
Outdated clothes and accessories = you look older than you are
Your style doesn't match who you are and how you feel

As a result, your wardrobe works AGAINST you, not for you!

Fortunately for you, our PROVEN METHOD has already assisted hundreds of women, regardless of age, size, or body shape, to transform their wardrobes from 'nothing to wear' into a CAPSULE WARDROBE.

They now feel CONFIDENT, ENERGIZED, and ALIGNED with their true selves.


You don't have to be super fit or a style expert! Most of these women began their style journey just one month ago and created these stylish looks with our easy-to-follow tips and formulas!

Start to create your Capsule!

Imagine being dressed by a personal stylist every day...


1. Create your Fall-Winter or Spring-Summer Capsule 

You will get:

  • The¬†4 fundamental principles of the Capsule Wardrobe Concept to help you avoid mistakes and unlock the MAGIC.

  • Ready-to-use Capsules in two distinct styles: Casual and Smart.¬†All items are interchangeable and perfectly match with each other, to ensure that with only 12-16 items (depending on season), you can create more than 100 diverse outfits to look new every day

  • Step-by-step guidance. It's more than just education ‚Äď you'll actively take action with support and feedback from style experts and a community of women on the same journey as you.

  • Easy-to-repeat stylish Outfit Formulas adapted to your height, scale, and body shape.

VALUE =¬†‚ā¨497

2. Complete your collection with the essential basics 

You will get:

  • Shopping & Fit Guide with the clear descriptions for each clothing category, including fabric structure, fit, key details, and common mistakes. All of this is crafted to ensure that your wardrobe consists of only timeless, versatile essentials.¬†

We aspire you to first explore your wardrobe and then fill in any gaps using our recommended brands list. With our Shopping & Fit Guide, you'll never make shopping mistakes again. 

VALUE =¬†‚ā¨297

3. Learn HOW TO... with our video tutorials.

You will get: Special Bonuses!!

  • 15 Tutorials "How to create stylish outfits using simple hacks"

  • Video Instructions "How to select essential wardrobe staples"

  • Video tutorial "How to combine colours in your outfits"
  • Video tutorial "Mastering selfies and crafting your Lookbook like a pro"

VALUE =¬†‚ā¨497

Join for only ‚ā¨129 (instead of ‚ā¨1291)

 You get immediate access to all Bonuses and get access to the Capsules

Typically, hiring a stylist for this costs $300-500 a day, not including clothing expenses. Our students achieve the same results for under $100, and the knowledge they gain becomes a lifelong asset!


Let us help you create the most stylish wardrobe for the season!

with 20+ years of personal styling experience

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Your results depend on how well you follow the method, and we are delighted to offer you professional support and feedback along the way.